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Aquatic Resources

  • Fish and fish habitat assessments

  • Water quality sampling and monitoring plans

  • Fish habitat restoration monitoring plans

  • Construction and post-construction monitoring

  • Fish salvages

  • Crossings (pipelines, culverts, etc.)

  • Infrastructure construction

  • Bank stabilization design assistance



  • Desktop reviews including wetland identification, inventory, and delineation

  • Historical air photograph review, historical wetland delineations, and precipitation review

  • Wetland Field Assessments

  • Alberta Wetland Rapid Evaluation Tool

  • Wetland Impact Assessments (WAIRs/WAIFs)

  • Constructed wetland design



  • General vegetation inventories

  • Vegetation community identification, mapping, and assessment

  • Rare plant surveys

  • Invasive plant surveys and management plans



  • Wildlife sweeps

  • Wildlife surveys (e.g., nocturnal and visual amphibian, sharp-tailed grouse, etc.) 


Impact Assessments

  • Biophysical Impact Assessments

  • Environmental Impact Assessments

  • Environmental Evaluations (AUC/ATEC)

  • Environmental Risk Assessments

  • Residual and Cumulative Effects Assessments.


Revegetation & Restoration

  • Restoration (e.g., remedial plans, riparian prescriptions, fish habitat design, construction and effectiveness monitoring.)

  • Development of adaptive management and monitoring programs for natural and constructed waterbodies (e.g., stormwater management facilities, bank stabilization, etc.)

  • Environmental management and protection plans

  • Prescribing native seed mixes for revegetation/rehabilitation projects (e.g., wetland creation/restoration, stormwater management facilities, bank stabilization, riparian areas, etc.)

  • Bioengineering and low impact development initiatives (e.g., bank stabilization, bioswales, bioretention areas, etc.) 

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