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Navigating the regulatory environment when it comes to biophysical features can be tricky and overwhelming. That is why at Pintail we pride ourselves at being available to our clients to help them figure things out.
Pintail works with a wide range of clients from different sectors and backgrounds. We are here to help!

Land Development

As with other industry groups, land developers have to navigate the regulatory environment, not only provincially but often municipal regulations need to be complied with as well. Pintail has experience with wetland impact assessments and biophysical impact assessments often required for by provinical and municipal regulators.


Oil and Gas

The oil and gas sector is still a large part of the landscape in Canada. Pintail has experience conducting pre-disturbance environmental surveys for planning purposes for wellsites and pipeline projects. This work aides clients in identifying the environmental constraints so that they can design their projects accordingly with the least amount of disturbance.


Energy Transmission

Transmission lines, line other linear disturbances, have certain specific requirements that need to be followed in order for their projects to be realized. Pintail has experience completing biophysical surveys as well as assisting with regulatory permitting for these types of projects.

transmission lines.jpg


Pintail also has experience with construction monitoring as well as post-construction monitoring for projects like roads and pipelines.


Land Owners

Large corporations are not the only ones who have to wade through municipal, provincial and even federal legislation in order to see their projects realized. Pintail can help with the often overwhelming task of determining what approvals and permits may be required.


Renewable Energy

Pintail has had the opportunity to become involved in many renewable energy projects in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Pintail has assisted in crucial baseline assessments of wetlands, rare plants and amphibians for these projects. This information is then used in the planning and detailed design phase of these projects where avoidance of sensitive features is a focus.


Government Agencies

Government agencies of all levels also need to abide by the local regulatory environment. Pintail has assisted government agencies navigate the regulatory requirements for disturbances to sensitive biophysical features.

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