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Who We Are

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Katie Bullick, B.Sc. Env., P.Biol., AWP.

Senior Environmental Scientist / Senior Wetland Specialist
Authenticating Wetland Professional

Katie has a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science. She has a major in Environmental Geography with emphasis on Biotic Systems and Landscape Ecology. Katie is a Professional Biologist and Authenticating Professional with over 15 years of professional consulting experience. Katie is well versed in conducting biophysical inventories (i.e., wetlands, vegetation, wildlife, water quality) as well as evaluating potential impacts of projects on biophysical resources.

In addition, Katie has experience developing biophysical inventory methods and protocols, management and monitoring programs for natural and constructed waterbodies, designing concepts for constructed wetlands, creek re-alignments and bank stablization efforts, prescribing native vegetation for rehabilitation projects and participating on multidisciplinary teams to develop policies centered around riparian and wetland conservation and management.


Leigh Hyatt, P.Biol., R.P.Bio., QAES.

Senior Aquatic Specialist

Leigh is a Professional Biologist, qualified aquatic environmental specialist (QAES), and a qualified environmental professional (QEP), as well as a member of the Western Chapter of the Society of Ecological Restoration. She has over 10 years of environmental consulting experience working on land development, transportation, renewable energy, and oil and gas development projects in Alberta and British Columbia.

Leigh is proficient in evaluating potential impacts of development on biophysical resources, particularly impacts to fish and fish habitat, waterbodies, and riparian habitat. She has assessed inventoried biophysical resources including aquatics (fish sampling, spawning surveys, stream assessments, benthic invertebrate surveys and water quality sampling), vegetation (riparian area assessments, survival assessments, invasive species), and wildlife (amphibians, raptors, small mammals). She has developed environmental management, remedial, and monitoring plans for construction around waterbodies, bank stabilization, fish habitat restoration, habitat effectiveness monitoring, and water quality. Leigh has provided regulatory support to clients, First Nations, and stakeholders, and has worked with federal and provincial regulatory bodies in support of project reviews, notifications, permits and approval application submissions. She is knowledgeable with Federal and Provincial (AB and BC) environmental Acts and Regulations, in particular but not limited to the Fisheries Act, Water Act, Riparian Areas Protection Regulation, and the Water Sustainability Act.

When not working, Leigh enjoys spending time with her husband and 3 boys traveling, skiing, mountain biking, camping, exploring nature, gardening, sewing, and reading.


Eric Rodvang, B.Sc. Env.

Junior Environmental Scientist

Eric is a recent graduate from the University of Lethbridge embarking on his career as an Environmental Scientist. He has a background in agriculture, and prior to Pintail, worked on his family farm raising black angus cattle. Eric has experience in the sales industry and is always looking forward to meeting new clients and working with them on their project.

Throughout University, Eric was an avid volunteer for the Canadian Cancer Society and Alberta Cancer Foundation. One year, he spearheaded an event that raised over $18,000 for the Jack Ady Cancer Centre in Lethbridge.

In his spare time he can be found helping out on the family farm, snowboarding, and hiking.

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