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Who We Are

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Katie Bullick, B.Sc. Env., P.Biol., AWP.

Senior Environmental Scientist / Senior Wetland Specialist
Authenticating Wetland Professional

Katie has a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science. She has a major in Environmental Geography with emphasis on Biotic Systems and Landscape Ecology. Katie is a Professional Biologist and Authenticating Wetland Professional with 17 years of professional consulting experience. Katie is well versed in conducting biophysical inventories (i.e., wetlands, vegetation, wildlife, water quality) as well as evaluating potential impacts of projects on biophysical resources.

In addition, Katie has experience developing biophysical inventory methods and protocols, management and monitoring programs for natural and constructed waterbodies, designing concepts for constructed wetlands, creek re-alignments and bank stablization efforts, prescribing native vegetation for rehabilitation projects and participating on multidisciplinary teams to develop policies centered around riparian and wetland conservation and management.


Kaney Hilderman, B.Sc., B.I.T.

Intermediate Biologist

Kaney is an Intermediate Biologist. She is a Biologist in Training with the Alberta Society of Professional Biologist in good standing since 2020. In her 5 years of consulting experience, Kaney has been involved in projects for a variety of clients in the oil and gas, aggregates and cement, residential, and commercial sectors, as well as provincial and municipal government and local landowners.
Kaney has primarily been involved in oil and gas wellsite reclamation activities, which includes conducting Detailed Site Assessments as well as Phase 1 and 2 Environmental Site Assessments, for the purposes of compiling Reclamation Certificate Applications for Alberta Energy Regulator. She also has experience with remedial excavations, contamination identification, and groundwater monitoring.
Her field experience includes vegetation assessments (identification, percent cover, transect surveys, plant health) for native grassland, forests, peatlands, and agriculture, soil assessments (classification, borehole and test pit logging, field screening and sampling), water quality monitoring and sampling, wellsite reclamation, riparian area assessment and restoration, and invasive plant control. In addition, Kaney has ample experience in leading and managing field programs, training junior staff, supervising subcontractors, and maintaining relationships with clients, landowners, and other stakeholders.


Eric Rodvang, B.Sc. Env.

Junior Environmental Scientist

Eric is a Junior Environmental Scientist and an Agrologist in Training with the Alberta Institute of Agrologists as of October 2022.

Eric has 2 years of environmental consulting experience working on a variety of projects from oil and gas pipelines and wellsites to transportation projects for municipalities and the Government of Alberta.

Eric has experience in many biophysical surveys including wetlands (classification, delineation, and functional assessments), vegetation (percent cover, transect surveys and rare plants), and aquatics (fish processing, stream assessments, water quality monitoring, and electorfishing).

In his spare time Eric can be found helping out on the family farm, snowboarding, and hiking.

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