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Field Assessments
  • Wetland Assessments (e.g., field reconnaissance, detailed assessments)

  • Alberta Wetland Rapid Evaluation Tool

  • Aquatic assessments (e.g.,, fish and fish habitat, benthic invertebrates, water quality, hydrology)

  • Wildlife Surveys (e.g., nocturnal and visual amphibian, sharp-tailed grouse, etc.)

  • Vegetation Assessments (e.g., land use, general land cover, rare plants, general vegetation inventory, etc.)

  • Invasive Plant Species Inspections

  • Restoration (e.g., remedial plans, riparian prescriptions, fish habitat design, construction and effectiveness monitoring.)

  • Construction and Post-Construction Monitoring (e.g., fish salvages, water quality monitoring, vegetation establishment, bank stabilization, pipeline crossings, infrastructure construction, etc.)

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